Fast, Accurate Diagnostics
in Our In-House Veterinary Lab

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When it comes to animal clinics, the ability to perform in-house veterinary diagnostics isn’t just convenient for the client—it’s also crucial for the patients.

Keeping It In-House

Lab diagnostics is never more important than when it involves a senior pet or a pet that requires veterinary surgery. In either case, it is not uncommon to need more extensive blood work—and for it to be done quickly. Keeping the diagnostics in house allows us to manage both, while overseeing the entire process.

If your pet requires surgery, diagnostic testing will be conducted in order to determine his or her risk for undergoing anesthesia. Sending blood work to an outside lab means the testing must be done several days prior to surgery. Our in-house lab allows us to conduct the necessary testing on the day of the surgery, yielding results that are more accurate and timely.

Our in-house lab features a complete IDEXX suite, giving us the ability to test complete blood counts, blood chemistry, and electrolytes. However, there are cases when we do send samples to a reference lab. This is especially true when a second opinion is necessary. In these instances, we utilize an IDEXX facility, ensuring both accurate and consistent results.

For additional information about our in-house lab diagnostics, feel free to contact us today. A member of our friendly staff is always there to help.