Pet X-ray & Ultrasound:
The Advantages of Going Digital

| Digital Veterinary X-ray & Ultrasound  Photo

Various reasons may require your pet to receive an X-ray or ultrasound reading. Regardless the situation, our in-house digital facility provides many advantages for your pet and you.

Digital X-ray

Our Fujifilm digital X-ray is top quality in terms of industry standards. Images are almost immediately visible on a monitor, and the process exposes your pet to less radiation than film X-rays. Because it is a shorter process, it means less stress for your pet. Images can be easily saved to any USB stick and delivered to a specialist or kept in your own records.

Digital Ultrasound

Our GE ultrasound is also state of the art. It is primarily used to check for abdominal masses, gland abnormalities, and heart disease. Like our X-ray equipment, it also produces immediate results, causes less stress for the animals, and images can be easily sent to another veterinarian.

Our pet X-ray and ultrasound equipment are only a small part of what we offer at Winnetka Animal Clinic. Dedicated to your pet’s health, we are a family practice, priding ourselves on our combination of a traditional approach to veterinary medicine and the latest in technology and techniques.

For more information about our digital X-ray and ultrasound, we invite you to contact us today.