A Healthy Smile for Your Pets

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Your pet’s dental health is more important than you may think. While a great smile benefits their outward appearance, it also has some profound effects on their overall health.

When Good Teeth Go Bad

Poor dental hygiene is a slippery slope. Initial symptoms include bad breath and discoloration of the teeth. If left unchecked, periodontal disease is not far behind. At that point, gums become red and swollen, and may even begin to bleed.

Untreated, periodontal disease leads to bone loss within your pet’s mouth. Teeth begin to loosen and eventually fall out. Not only does this affect their ability to eat, but also it creates an environment for infection that has a direct path to major organs such as the liver, kidneys, and heart.

What to Do

At Winnetka Animal Clinic, your pet’s dental health starts with you. We recommend allowing us to clean your pet’s teeth at least once every two years. However, some pets will need their teeth cleaned annually. February is a great time to do this, as it’s dental health month and dental services are discounted.

In addition to biennial professional cleaning, we also recommend you regularly clean your pet’s teeth at home. We sell a variety of dental care products, including food, treats, water additives, and chew toys.

As a pet begins to age, it occasionally becomes necessary to have certain teeth extracted. We are fully equipped to perform this procedure. We handle all extractions on a case-by-case basis, keeping your pet’s health and lifestyle in mind.

For more information about our dental care program, we invite you to contact us today. A friendly member of our staff will be glad to answer any of your questions.