Resources for Pet Owners

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At Winnetka Animal Clinic, we take pride in the businesses and people we associate with, as well as the quality of the information we gather. In the spirit of always doing what’s best for our patients and their owners, we would like to share these resources with you.

  • Lost & found—Visit this page for information regarding either lost or found pets. As fellow pet owners, it’s nice to know there’s a resource if a beloved pet goes missing. In turn, if you’ve found a pet, it’s a great start toward locating his or her owner.
  • Recommended links—We maintain high standards when it comes to the businesses and individuals we consider associates. The same holds true for the sources of information we use. Visit our list of links to some of our favorite businesses, people, and informational websites.
  • Memorial wall—Losing a pet is one of most difficult experiences an owner will have. If you’re grieving a pet that’s passed, we invite you to post his or her picture on our pet memorial wall. A fitting tribute to your late companion can be the start of your healing process.

For more information or questions about our resources, please contact us today.