Special Care for Senior Pets

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Your pet may be aging, but his or her senior years can still be a time of happiness and fulfillment. A large part of ensuring health and vitality is your diligence as an owner. At Winnetka Animal Clinic, our veterinarians and staff are dedicated to assisting you and your aging pet every step of the way.

What to Expect

With advances in both medicine and pet nutrition, dogs and cats are living longer and more fulfilling lives. This increase in lifespan, however, is accompanied by an increase in diseases and ailments that can affect your pet. Considered seniors once they reach 7 or 8, their yearly exams become invaluable for managing their overall health.

Some of the procedures we will perform include:

  • Complete check of vitals
  • Visual and manual exam
  • Necessary blood work and lab testing
  • Complete dental exam
  • Necessary boosters
  • Diet consultation

Through a collaborative effort between owner and vet, senior pets can experience optimal vitality throughout their golden years. For more information about senior pet care, or to make an appointment for your senior pet, we invite you to contact us today.